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Webinar: Sales Performance Management Case Study - TIM

When it comes to sales compensation, managers realize two things early on. The first thing is that paying salespeople accurately, and on time, is vitally important. The second, realized not long after the first, is that they’re going to need to change their sales compensation programs, sooner or later. And that’s almost always sooner, given how quickly the markets require companies to adapt and the sales jobs approach needs to change accordingly.

But changing sales compensation, and making sure salespeople get paid correctly, are too often opposing ideas. Inflexible and disjointed compensation systems may discourage management from considering change. What’s needed is an approach to performance management and pay that offers an integrated, agile, and engaging experience to the internal and external sales force, its managers as well as comp administrators.

Watch this full recording of the webinar to learn how TIM, a global telco, began a journey to gradually align its sales network with its business priorities, leading to the organization replacing an outdated, spreadsheet-intensive system with an integrated sales performance management solution.

Sales Compensation Results:

TIM’s challenges included reducing sales force complaints, improving loyalty and motivation, reducing manual calculation and errors, aligning performances with company objectives across a varied set of channel partners and salespeople. Their success in automating sales compensation has resulted in improved accuracy and efficiency as well as increased competitive advantage through flexibility in managing its re-seller channel. Some unexpected outcomes were yielded as well, such as the traceability of compensation plan designs, and an increased level of involvement by management in plan change decisions.

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