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HR Technology Conference: beqom Takeaways

Today’s HR leaders have the considerable task of transforming their organizations, with a digital revolution that is automating and optimizing HR processes across the board. Technology is the necessary foundation for being competitive in attracting and retaining talent, standardizing and globalizing processes, engaging employees across generations, increasing efficiency and lowering costs, all while supporting future growth and adapting to change.

This transformation was the center of discussion at the recent HR Technology Conference. Held in Las Vegas, it brought a variety of speakers together to provide insights into how HR can be a driver in moving their companies into the future.

Our Three Takeaways:

Fairness Matters

The conference featured a theme of Women In HR Technology. Successful companies today realize that gender-diverse companies outperform their peers, and so HR is looking to ensure gender diversity, which requires fairness in opportunity and pay. Closing the gender gap first needs good data and analytics to understand how your company is performing in terms of fairness, then support for managers in striving to achieve pay equity.

beqom supports pay fairness by giving HR and management insight into how pay is distributed throughout the company and how it correlates to gender and a host of other factors, also providing the ability to compare against external benchmarks. Likewise, it is important for employees to know that they are being paid fairly, which requires that they have visibility into how their pay was calculated. We provide the transparency and communication necessary to ensure that employees understand and appreciate their pay and total rewards.

People Matter

Putting people first has always been important, but even more so when engaging with a millennial generation that responds best to non-traditional leadership models. To put people first, you need to be engaged with them, which requires communication and collaboration. Employees need easy access to the information that is important to them, and that empowers them to do their jobs, such as their goals and performance metrics. While compensation isn’t everything, it’s something you shouldn’t mess with; pay needs to be timely, accurate, fair and transparent.

We've long said that employee happiness is the best driver for success, that’s why our tagline is “To Make your people happy.” The best way to do that, in our view, is to make sure that employees clearly understand the company direction and how their own roles fit with the company mission. People want to make a difference, and technology should support them in being able to do that. beqom provides a platform whereby you can ensure that employees understand their goals and how they are being measured, and have visibility into their performance metrics and progress against their goals. And, they can see how their pay relates to their performance.

Technology Matters

As a speaker from Microsoft put it (Justin Thenutai, Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition), technology can be a great force multiplier in change management and communication. It provides the ability to “connect and communicate at scale.” Technology can and should make employees’ lives easier. Efficient, automated processes can save them time and increase their engagement through access to the data that is important to them, including their total rewards information, and for managers, that of their teams.

We design our technology so that it is easy to navigate and use, and can be configured to meet the needs of the organization. With beqom, the software adapts to the processes and the people, rather than forcing the processes and people to adapt to the software. Technology at its best should be invisible, a seamless part of the daily life of employees. 

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